John Hawkes Joining ‘Lost’ As Mysterious Corporate Representative

While much has been made of the stars returning to “Lost” for the ABC show’s mysterious final season, it seems the show will have some new characters, as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Hawkes will join the show as Lennon, a “spokesperson and translator for the president of a foreign corporation.” However, the character will have more influence than meets the eye.

It is unknown if Lennon will have ties to corporate entities previously revealed on the show, including Charles Widmore’s Widmore Corporation and Sun Paik’s Paik Heavy Industries – both connected to the island at the center of the show.

Character names on the show are often evident of a character’s philosophy or mission – however, it remains to be seen if Lennon will be interested in peace and love favored by late Beatle John Lennon or if he will play a darker role.

Among other roles, John Hawkes has previously appeared on a pair of HBO shows, in “Eastbound & Down” as Dustin Powers and “Deadwood” as Sol Star.

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