Joshua Jackson Explains How ‘Fatal Attraction’ Series Explores New Ground Beyond 1987 Film

Joshua Jackson is giving “Fatal Attraction” a fresh perspective!

The Paramount+ series, which is inspired by 1987 thriller of the same name, has Joshua taking on the role of Dan Gallagher, a man who embarks on an affair with a woman named Alex Forrest (Lizzy Caplan) that has dangerous consequences.

The characters of Dan and Alex, who were portrayed by Michael Douglas and Glenn in the original film, will be explored in new ways in the series.

“The subject of mental health was not really in the zeitgeist in 1987 when they made the movie the first time, and I think that Glenn Close has been really vocal over the years about how frustrating she found it that she felt like they made her character kind of two-dimensional. She was just the crazy lady,” Joshua told Access Hollywood at the series’ premiere in Los Angeles.

“We have the opportunity with Lizzy [Caplan]’s telling of that character to really open up her world and understand who she is and what motivates her, so that even though we all know it doesn’t end well, you have a bit more of an understanding of who she is and why she behaves in the way that she behaves,” he continued.

Joshua also explained how Dan’s fate has been altered in their new television adaptation.

“He doesn’t really have to deal with personal repercussions for his actions in the film, so we also explore what an event like this does to a person, a marriage, a father and a daughter, a work environment, and you see these repercussions and how they ripple out in his life through time,” he said.

” I hope that we are in the conversation around male ego and pride and white fragility and how all of those intersect,” he added.

“Fatal Attraction” premieres April 30 on Paramount+.

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