Joshua Jackson Raves About ‘Fatal Attraction’ Co-Star Lizzy Caplan: ‘An Amazing Experience’

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan are sharing about their new series “Fatal Attraction.”

The pair spoke with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about the reimagining of the classic ‘80s thriller, and Joshua raved about working with Lizzy on the new series.

“It was an amazing experience to work with her and to be able to find that place of you know trust and vulnerability because we go into some pretty dark places. And I am very, very thankful that I had a partner in this who was willing to be there in that space and trust me in that space and I could trust her in that space,” he shared.

The actor also spoke a bit about his personal life, revealing how he knew his wife Jodie Turner-Smith was his perfect match.

“I know what the first thing was, it was like, ‘Oh my god, who is that woman?’ But then you get to know somebody and it just becomes the thing,” he said. “I mean we played the little dance in the beginning where we were like, ‘It’s casual, it’s casual, we’re just gonna spend every moment of every day with each other, but it’s casual! And then it wasn’t and here we are.”

“Fatal Attraction” begins streaming on Sunday, April 30, exclusively on Paramount+.

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