Justin Timberlake Supports Pink After She Cancels Tour Date Due To Illness: ‘You Won’t Find A Harder Working’ Artist

Justin Timberlake Supports Pink After She Cancels Tour Date Due To Illness: ‘You Won’t Find A Harder Working’ Artist

In sickness and in health, Pink has a famous friend in her corner – Justin Timberlake.

After the “Beautiful Trauma” singer canceled her recent Sydney concert due to an illness, she caught flak when paparazzi snapped photos of her relaxing on Byron Beach. Pink quickly set the record straight on Instagram, explaining that her presence in the sand wasn’t proof that she was secretly healthy and slacking off.

“What these parasite paparazzi don’t show you is two doctor visits in Byron on two consecutive days, antibiotics, steroids, Vick’s, nose spray, throat spray, more steroids, NyQuil, a screaming baby in the middle of the night, every night, while mama gives him warm baths and tells her daughter everything is fine,” Pink wrote in part.

“You can think whatever you want, but I have never taken advantage of anyone in my entire life. I have never f***ed off while disrespecting hard working people who spend money to come see me play.”

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Multiple stars – including Sam Smith, Olivia Munn and Andy Cohen – sent Pink sweet messages of support; but Justin, who has known the pop star since their days on the 2000 No Strings Attached Tour, left the most impassioned comment of all.

“As an artist who has had the fortune of sharing the stage twice on tour with this incomparable BADA** (once with *NSYNC and once as a solo artist), I’m here to tell you that you won’t find a harder working, more authentically talented and more thankful for her place on that stage and her fans [artist] than this woman,” Justin wrote in part.

“Night in and night out… The woman just brings it,” he added. “But Day 1s and 2s know that.”

Justin also revealed that he was going through a very similar situation to Pink, struggling to balance his own health, family time and onstage work ethic while on his Man of the Woods Tour.

“As a parent on tour as well, and as an artist who LOVES their fans just as much and wants to give them an unprecedented experience… AND is currently battling an injury, a sinus infection and trying to be the dad I want to be too? I say HATS OFF TO YOU, my friend,” he wrote.

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Pink took Justin’s words to heart, responding with a loving comment of her own.

“Thanks friend. I’ve always respected your work ethic and talent and feel like I have learned from the best,” she wrote. “You gave me a chance when I was 19 with one song under my belt. 7/8 years later, you gave me another shot to prove myself as solo artist  in America. You’re a genuine artist, talented from the bottom of your toes and you can’t even help it. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s been a privilege to know you, sir. Congrats on your beautiful family and on the legacy you leave and continue to build. I’ll open for you anytime.”

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