Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her Real-Life Pregnancy Was Written Into New Show ‘Based On A True Story’

Art really was imitating life for Kaley Cuoco on her new Peacock series “Based on a True Story.”

The new mom and co-star Chris Messina sat down with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall recently to chat about their upcoming comedy thriller, and Kaley confirmed that being pregnant during the shoot became part of her character’s storyline.

“They rewrote it, yeah. It was not [originally] written in. They rewrote it, which actually ended up being a really important part of our show,” she said. “It added stakes to this couple. The stress, all the stuff they’re going through and obviously a baby on the way adds more stress than ever, so it actually really worked.”

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All The Celebrity Babies Born In 2023

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Chris teased that the decision was not only ideal for the show but also made things easier for Kaley!

“Could you imagine having to hide it? Like you know behind the laundry basket?” Chris laughed, and Kaley agreed that she’s grateful to have avoided keeping the situation under wraps.  

No, you couldn’t have hidden what I looked like…no, no,” she said.

“Based on a True Story” stars Kaley and Chris as spouses who start a true crime podcast when a local serial killer begins to strike in their neighborhood, and the Emmy nominee shared with Access that the project couldn’t have been a better fit for her.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of it plus I love true crime, obsessed with true crime, I’m a ‘Dateline’ fanatic, ‘Forensic Files,’ all the things that you can watch and so I think America, we love to watch bad things happen,” Kaley said. “And when good people do bad things it’s so shocking and I think we, this couple, they make a couple of bad decisions out of major desperation, which is hysterical but also terrifying at the same time. But I think that’s why people are gonna like it and you know exactly what you’re getting into you know.”

Kaley and Chris went on to rave over how well they got along on and off set, and the actress told Zuri that the dad of two would share his own parenting memories as she and partner Tom Pelphrey prepared to welcome now-infant daughter Matilda.

“He had the best stories. He would tell me and Tom stories about his kids and we would just die. Just as young teenagers and saying what we had to look forward to,” Kaley smiled.

For Chris, he loved taking that trip down memory lane and said it was a pleasure to see Kaley and Tom prepare for such a major life change together.

“They were so sweet because I was, you know, seeing [Kaley] pregnant takes you back and you know what a magical time it is, so I kept annoying them with when we were pregnant,” he said.

Kaley was quick to correct her castmate and reiterate how much she and Tom enjoyed that connection with Chris.

“Never. It was not annoying,” she said. “[Chris] had so many great stories of when their kids were little and like, and just hilarious things that they’ve done. And oh my God it was hysterical.”

And now, it’s Kaley’s turn to share her experience!

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“Now [Chris] has to deal with me sending pictures of Matilda to him every day! I literally am like, ‘Good morning here’s another picture of her,'” she laughed.

As far as Chris is concerned, Kaley can keep the baby photos coming.

“Adorable, yeah. She’s amazing,” he smiled.

Matilda is now two months old and Kaley confirmed that the little one is already growing up fast! In fact, it seems she’s developing a quick affinity for pop culture, especially music stars.

“She loves the Jonas Brothers. I’m really serious, loves it. ‘Sucker.’ Play it for her when she cries and she’s like [widens eyes],” Kaley told Access. “I thought it was a fluke but I’ve done it a few times and she [widens eyes] looks around. So she’s going to have to meet them one day. Her idols.”

“Based on a True Story” premieres June 8 on Peacock.

— Erin Biglow

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