Kate Bosworth Impressed An Entire Bar Full Of Cowboys As She Pretend Rode A Bull

Kate Bosworth isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns – hypothetically speaking.

Kate, alongside Regina Hall, Joshua Jackson, and Justin H. Min were honored on Saturday at The Creative Coalition’s 2022 Spotlight Initiative Awards during the Sundance Film Festival. During the virtual charity gala, Kate’s ex-husband and director Michael Polish shared a funny story about Kate’s impressive rodeo skills with Variety.

On an evening in Montana, the actress and director of 2022 Sundance selection “Bring on the Dancing Horses, were headed out to a local bar, and as it turns out, there was a rodeo in town.

“The setting is Montana. There’s a bar […] and this bar had a local rodeo down the street. And this local rodeo said, ‘There’s a lot of bull riders tonight.’ Well, we watched the bull riders and there’s a lot of bull riders and, as it is, Kate decided when she walked into this bar one night that she would say, ‘Hey, I think I could ride a bull.’ And all the cowboys in that bar said, ‘You’re 110 pounds. On a good day, you’re 112 pounds […] There’s a 2000-pound beast that you’re going to strap your legs on.’ And she said, ‘I can ride that bull’ […],” Polish explained.

“So what’s nice about Kate is she gets up on the bar and demonstrates how she’s going to ride this 2000-pound bull – backwards and forwards […] she demonstrates the sounds, the feelings, all the things that’s going to happen when she rides this bull. Cowboys in the bar say, ‘We’re pretty impressed.’”

Kate clearly has no problem getting into roles. The actress, who rose to fame in “Blue Crush” nearly 20 years ago, had us all convinced she could be a pro surfer, so why aren’t we surprised that she crushed it pretending to ride a bull too!

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