Keith Urban Talks Recovering From Vocal Cord Surgery & His Three Weeks Of Silence

Keith Urban is ready to rock – country style – once again.

The Nashville-based superstar has fully recovered from his surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cords last year, and he opened up on Access Hollywood Live about spending the latter part of 2011 in total silence.

“I had this operated on and you have to [go] three weeks [with] no talking, no uttering a sound, and you can’t cry, you can’t sneeze, you can’t cough, you can’t clear your throat,” Keith told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Tuesday’s show. “It was a strange three weeks, but I had a dream one night – it was the strangest thing ‘cause I thought, ‘What’s my voice gonna sound like when I hear it the first time again?’”

Keith said he actually dreamed he was singing in a high octave and it prompted him to get in touch with his doctor.

“I woke up the next morning and I called the doctor and [asked], ‘Would it be possible that I could sing in my sleep?’ ‘cause you can’t, you’re not allowed to, and I was terrified that I was singing in my sleep, singing Leo Sayer songs,” he smiled.

Keith admitted communicating with his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, and his eldest daughter, 3-and-a-half-year-old Sunday, during that period, wasn’t always easy.

“Not being able to talk for three weeks, that’s a long time,” Keith said. “If you have to engage in some sort of heated discussion, the other person can talk and I just have to write.”

But writing didn’t work for all parties involved – especially since Sunday is still just a toddler.

“She can’t read, so I had that issue too… Mum had to communicate,” he smiled.

The country superstar brought the world premiere of his new video for “You Gonna Fly” exclusively to Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday and he said the video really is a snapshot of his last stint on the road.

“It was just a way for us to capture the tour,” he said of the music video. “I think you get a really good sense of what the tour was and what happens on the road, live.”

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Keith Urban performs at the Grand Ole Opry on February 3. His album, “Get Closer,” is in stores now.

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