Kim Kardashian Spooks Fans After Mystery Shadow Appears In Her Selfie: ‘I Am Freaking Out’

Kim Kardashian had an uninvited visitor join her latest selfie – or did she?

The SKIMS mogul was spooked after discovering a mystery shadow in the background of a recent Instagram snap, prompting a lengthy debate in the comment section of her post.

“Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window,” she wrote in her caption.

Indeed, a dark silhouette is visible in the far distance behind Kim, who appeared to be posing in front of a window to take advantage of the golden-hour light.

Though many took a logical approach and tried suggesting that the figure was simply an out-of-frame assistant or even Kim’s own reflection, others saw a ripe opportunity to drop a zinger or two – and longtime Kardashian fans loved getting in on the fun!

“Hi Kim, it’s only me, it’s Todd Kraines!” one wrote, referencing a classic prank Scott Disick famously pulled on family matriarch Kris Jenner.

One of Kris’ own iconic one-liners also made an appearance, with another follower adding: “This is a case for the FBI.”

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Some sleuths took things a step further and wondered if Kim simply found a subtle way to tease her upcoming appearance on the next season of “American Horror Story,” but a few more couldn’t help but reference the reality star’s recently-patched feud with her older sister.

“That’s Kourtney living her dolce vita lifestyle,” one person joked, an apparent nod to the Poosh founder previously calling out Kim for capitalizing on a business opportunity that stemmed from Kourtney’s Italian wedding.

Though the reality stars have appeared to mend fences, that doesn’t solve Kim’s current predicament. Who or what is that shadow?

Christina Ricci was among the famous friends who chimed in with a straightforward solution.

“Def a ghost,” the “Yellowjackets” star commented.

— Erin Biglow

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