Kim Petras Shares Inspiration Behind New Album ‘Feed The Beast’: I’m Proud Of ‘Doing What I Love & Not Being Scared’

Kim Petras’ debut studio album is finally here!

The pop star released her first LP, “Feed the Beast,” on Friday, and she celebrated with a big performance for her excited fans as part of “TODAY’s” 2023 Citi Concert Series.

“It’s been kind of a dream of mine,” she told Access Hollywood of performing on the morning show. “I used to be in school and just fantasized about that stuff, so it’s really, really cool when that stuff comes true. I’m just so grateful that so many of my fans came out this early and were camping out and doing all this crazy stuff, and I just love them so, so much.”

Kim Petras performs on NBC’s “Today” show at Rockefeller Plaza on Friday, June 23, 2023, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

The album title “Feed the Beast” is a meaningful one for Kim.

“The beast is many things,” she explained. “It can be the music industry, it can be people’s opinions about you, it can be yourself and what you’re standing in your own way about. I kind of wrote every single song about a different beast that I feed.”

“But it’s basically doing what you’re afraid of and pushing yourself to that, and for me, that was honestly a lot of public opinion about me and things like that,” she added. “‘Unholy’ kind of broke that spell a little bit of, ‘OK, I really will survive if I have a big hit.’ And people’s opinions might hurt, but it is what comes with it, and it is what I need to do in order to make the songs that I want to make and in order to have the career that I want to have.”

“I finally don’t feel ashamed of that anymore, and I feel really proud of that, of just being brave and doing what I love and not being scared of anything,” she continued.

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In September, Kim will embark on her 35-date Feed the Beast World Tour across the North and South America and Europe.

The “Alone” singer told Access that she’s excited to hit the road and can’t wait for fans to see what she’s planned.

“What I love about touring is the stage for me is the freest place on the planet,” she said. “I don’t ever feel as good as I do onstage. I think my goal has always been to tour forever … Nothing comes close to it. And my fans, just the energy they give me is so inspiring and pure, and whenever we do a concert together, I feel like it’s just like so much weight is off my shoulders, and I feel so relieved after. It’s amazing.”

“This tour is definitely the biggest tour I’ve done and the biggest production I’m doing. I’m very ambitious. I’m pushing myself very hard,” she added.

“Feed The Beast” is out now.” Kim’s Feed The Beast World Tour will kick off in the U.S. on Sept. 27 in Austin, Texas, before heading overseas to the UK and Europe beginning Feb. 13.

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