Kristen Stewart Mocks Bella & Edward’s Breaking Dawn Sex: ‘You Just Had A Child – Really?’

Kristen Stewart plays the initially-naive Bella in “The Twilight Saga” films, but in reality, the 22-year-old actress seems far more grounded than her starry-eyed character.

Speaking with talk show host Graham Norton during an interview on the UK’s “The Graham Norton Show,” the actress took a jab at the fantastically far-fetched insatiable sex drive of new parents/vampires Bella and Edward in the upcoming film.

“The last ‘Twilight’ was quite raunchy, it was quite out there… now, in this one, is there less sex because you have a baby now?” the host asked Kristen during the interview set to air on Saturday. “There’s a lot of work involved in a vampire baby, I would imagine.”

“It’s a funny thing – as soon as [Bella] becomes a vampire, they kind of ignore their duties instantly. They just want to bone,” Kristen said of Edward and Bella, as the studio audience roared with laughter. “It’s the most ridiculous situation. Really, you just had a child? Really?

“I’m like, ‘Yeah but this feels so good!’” the actress continued, using her best Bella voice. “I’m so sparkly!’”

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Graham explained to the audience that in the Stephenie Meyer’s books, Bella appears even “more beautiful” after she becomes a vampire – a phenomenon Chris Rock (who was also a guest on the show) attempted to explain.

“That’s what happens when you die,” Chris jokingly explained, adding, “I mean, anytime I go to a woman’s funeral, I want to have sex with the corpse.”

“It’s the makeup,” Graham added, laughing.

On a more serious note, Kristen said that while she’s incredibly grateful for the success she’s experienced due to her role in “Twilight,” she doesn’t like to have work handed to her because of her fame.

“I really like to fight for jobs. I hate the feeling of suddenly being like, ‘Oh, well, Kristen can have [the part] just because she can.’ You know what I mean?” she explained.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about – it’s like give me the job!” Chris interjected. “I don’t care if everybody is better than me. I want the job!”

The fifth and final installment of the Twilight movies – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” — hits theaters on November 16.

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