Lifetime’s ‘William & Kate’ Actors Say Real Royal Couple ‘Apparently Loved’ Their Made-For-TV Movie

Lifetime’s recent made-for-TV movie, “William & Kate” – based on the true romance of Prince William and his soon-to-be wife, Kate Middleton – received less-than-stellar reviews from critics.

However, the stars of the small screen story say they’ve heard the film received the unofficial seal of royal approval from the Prince and his beautiful bride!

“Well, actually, yesterday… we heard that Will and Kate did see the film — from an insider — and they loved it,” actress Camilla Luddington, who plays Kate in the film, told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Tim Vincent in an interview in London on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live.

“They had a laugh, probably got some popcorn in and sat down — no, apparently, they loved it!” she added, with a laugh.

As for the unfortunate press the movie initially garnered upon its release, Camilla said the lukewarm reviews were actually a blessing in disguise.

“What’s been great is that we’ve had so many people approach us and say, ‘We tuned in because we thought it would be the worst movie ever made, apparently, and we loved it!’” Camilla told Tim. “So I almost feel like the bad press sort of helped the people want to watch it and really tune in. So, it’s been great.”

“I think people saw it for what it was,” Nico Evers-Swindell, who plays the beloved Prince in the film, added. “[It is] a celebration of this and getting people excited about that and [it is] entertaining.”

“William & Kate” is in UK stores now on DVD and available for pre-order in the U.S.

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