Lindsay Lohan Cryptically Reacts To Paris Hilton Calling Her ‘Lame’ & ‘Embarrassing’ On ‘WWHL’

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

It turns out Lindsay Lohan did catch wind of Paris Hilton’s recent diss.

The former frenemies’ feud caught a second wind last week when “Watch What Happens Live’s” Andy Cohen asked Paris to say three nice things about the beach club owner during a round of “Plead the Fifth.”

Paris struggled to come up with a trio of compliments, and she eventually settled upon a slightly shady one for her first.

“She’s… beyond,” Paris chuckled.

“OK, that’s one,” Andy replied. “That’s a pretty nice one, to say that she’s beyond.”

But “The Simple Life” alum then went in for the kill, following up her first answer with two more obvious digs.

“Lame and embarrassing,” she added.

After keeping mum on the insults for over a week, Lindsay finally reacted to them on Friday – and did so in a cryptic way.

First, the MTV star shared an Instagram throwback photo of herself and Nicky Hilton, Paris’ older sister. She kept the caption completely vague, simply posting a butterfly emoji.

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Then, Lindsay posted an old pic of her and Paris together – and proceeded to make it clear that she wasn’t in the dark about her diss.

“#Beyond,” she began, clearly referring to the first “nice thing” Paris said about her.

“Friends are true. Love @parishilton,” she added.

Less than an hour after the photo went live, Lindsay added another sentence to her caption.

“Congratulations on your new song!” she wrote, referring to Paris’ new bop, “Best Friend’s A**.”

It’s not clear if Lindsay was genuinely taking the high road or just adding fuel to the feud, but it appears that Paris is ready to bury the hatchet either way.

“I didn’t know what to say. I feel bad now,” the heiress admitted on “The Jenny McCarthy” show the day after her “WWHL” appearance.

“I talked to my mom last night after, and she taught me, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,'” she added.

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