Lindsay Lohan: The Truth Behind The ‘Georgia Rule’ Rumors

Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan came to New York Tuesday for the premiere of their film “Georgia Rule,” and all three actresses denied rumors of tensions on the set.

“Everybody has to get along,” Fonda told Access, “and everybody did.”

The film, about three generations of women trying to function as a family, gained notoriety last July when Lohan received a warning letter from Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson related to tardiness and absenteeism on the set of the Garry Marshall-directed movie. The letter noted Lohan’s “discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional” conduct, and went on to say her actions were those of a “spoiled child,” which “has endangered the quality of this picture.” Robinson also threatened to sue Lohan if she continued to delay production.

“Too much was made of it by the press,” Fonda said of the infamous letter. “Everything was pretty good. We were on time, on budget, and it’s a really good movie.”

And for Fonda, the quality of the film far outweighs any temporary problems they may have faced while filming. “When [Lindsay] was there, she was fully there,” acknowledged Fonda. “[She] knew her lines and was emotionally, totally present. She draws on her emotions like no actress I’ve ever seen.”

It was a bold statement from Fonda, who has worked with many talented actresses over the span of her career. And Lindsay doesn’t take Fonda’s praise lightly.

“Jane made me cry today, actually,” Lindsay confessed. “She just said the nicest things, and it was really heartfelt. It was really cool that she said that, and she defended me with all of the press stuff, and saying that it wasn’t like [the media’s portrayal]. She didn’t have to deal with things like this. And I respect that and I admire her in so many other ways.”

Lindsay pointed out that what the press reports about her has no bearing or effect on her performance and behavior on set.

“I think when you’re on set, you’re a different person than your personal life,” she said, adding, “Even though it’s hard to have a personal life at this point — which I accept. But no, I think your characters are your characters. You try and bring someone else to life in different way.”

And Lohan’s character work definitely struck a chord with Fonda, who said, “Lindsay breaks my heart in this movie.”

And their third co-star, Felicity Huffman, agreed about Lindsay.

“I adore her,” she said. “I think she’s phenomenally talented. She’s fantastic in the movie, and she’s a complete delight to be with. So I love her.”

And what does Lindsay think about working with such talented and established actresses?

“I’m very lucky to have been able to work with the people I’ve worked with,” she said. “I’m very blessed.”

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