Logan Lerman Is Curious What Will Happen With ‘Percy Jackson’ TV Series

Logan Lerman is back in the new film, “End of Sentence.”

He spoke with Access Hollywood about the upcoming movie, which also stars John Hawkes and Sarah Bolger. In the film, he plays Hawkes’ estranged son as they embark on a road trip across Ireland to scatter his mother’s ashes.

“It’s about their journey, it’s about reconciling their fractured relationship and trying to figure out what to do after this trip and with their lives,” he told us. “It’s a fairly simple story, it’s mostly a road trip through Ireland. But it’s a really beautiful film. It’s really beautifully shot and Ireland is a gorgeous, like, character in the movie. It almost feels like you’re taking a trip there in a way.”

The film is getting tons of critical acclaim, and is currently at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Lerman shared how it feels to get that kind of feedback.

“It’s nice, It’s validating, you know for the hard work that everyone puts into it — to get a good review or to get positive feedback,” he shared. “I just hope that people see this. You know, this is a small film. And it’s not coming out on a big platform, it doesn’t have millions of dollars behind it in publicity and advertising. You know, I hope that people find it.”

The 28-year-old is well known for his role in “Percy Jackson,” which was announced that it would be being rebooted for TV. He revealed to us that he’d be down to return to the series if it felt right.

“Yeah, I mean you know, I’m open to anything,” he said. “I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen with it. I’m just glad that Rick Riordan, the writer, is in control – it seems like he’s in control or has a lot of say. I’m not sure how much say he had in the Fox productions that we did way back when 10 years ago.”

The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” star revealed that he wants to see how the scripts look and he’s definitely interested in being on the series if there’s the right role for him.

“I hope that they get good scripts together,” he continued. “That’s really the next step. You know, they mentioned an announcement but the truth is it’s a whole process of development where you have to get, you know, good scripts together and get it greenlit by the network…  I’d be curious to see how it comes along, and if there’s a good role for me, and those things, and I’m right for it, you know of course I would consider,” he shared.

“End of Sentence” will hit video on demand and all digital platforms on May 29, 2020.

— Stephanie Swaim

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