Margot Robbie Says Ryan Gosling Gave Character Ken 150% On ‘Barbie’ Movie

Ryan Gosling brought major Ken-ergy to the “Barbie” movie!

While chatting with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall, Margot Robbie, who plays the beloved Barbie doll in the upcoming flick, shared her first impression of her co-star Ryan.

“My first thought was because when we were doing rehearsals, you (Ryan) were kind of more like pulled back with how you were playing everything. And I remember thinking in my head, I was like, oh OK, he’s gonna play it a little more reserved. I should calibrate my performance,” Margot explained, noting that she decided to do “the same thing.”

But when the two got on set day one, Ryan brought his Ken-ergy to a whole new level.

“We got on set on day one and Ryan went so like 100 and 50% and I was just like, I was like, buckle up. We’re going on a ride. He’s going big. I’m going big and it was really fun,” Margot shared.

The movie’s director Greta Gerwig also told Access Hollywood that Ryan, who plays a Ken doll in the flick, really brought his A-game to the role alongside Margot.

“(Margo) and Ryan and all the actors … there’s a quality where they’re finding the humor through the truth and through taking it seriously and they’re never making fun of it and they’re never standing outside of it,” Greta explained.

Adding, “And honestly, when it comes to Margot, she really is the most wonderful person. Like she’s beautiful and smart and kind and funny and just like everything you hope she is.”

“Barbie” hits theaters July 21.

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