Mark Harmon Says He’s Ready To Tangle With Jamie Lee Curtis On ‘NCIS’; Cast & Crew Talk Milestone 200th Episode

Jamie Lee Curtis is gearing up to shake things up both romantically and professionally for Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs on “NCIS” later this season.

“We haven’t touched on his personal life in awhile and we’re about to introduce a woman that’s going to get people going,” show boss Gary Glasberg told on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2012, when asked about future plans for the popular character. “Just look for Jamie Lee Curtis.”

So far, the actress has signed on for two episodes, and it appears that there will be a some sort of spark between Curtis’ unnamed character and Harmon’s Gibbs.

“We’re prepping that episode right now. She’s coming into our world from a very unique government perspective and she will spar with him in ways that people aren’t used to,” Glasberg told Access.

The show boss noted it is a case that brings the two characters together, and unlike some of the other women that have come across Gibbs’ path – like Lauren Holly’s Jenny Shepard – the two won’t have a history.

“It’s gonna be fun,” Glasberg smiled. “She’s really excited about that.”

When asked about Curtis coming to the “NCIS” fold as a romantic interest by Access, Harmon turned to his boss.

“A love interest? Is that what I am now with Curtis?” Harmon asked Glasberg.

“There’s a spark,” Glasberg chimed in.

Harmon, whose Gibbs’ character has led the “NCIS” team for (most of) nine seasons on CBS, said he hasn’t shot any scenes with Curtis yet, but he is looking forward to reuniting with his former “Freaky Friday” co-star.

“Jamie’s great and I think we’re all glad that she’s coming to play with us in our little sandbox for a while and she’s fortunate to have [Glasberg] creating the character she’s playing,” he said. “But I look forward to it, absolutely.”

Before that happens, “NCIS” has another road to travel when the show celebrates its 200th episode.

Set to air on February 7 on CBS, the special episode will take a look at what could have happened if different decisions were made by the characters over the years.

Glasberg said Holly isn’t coming back for the episode, but he smiled and said to watch when a reporter asked if Sasha Alexander (who played Kate) would return for the special.

He also said the 200th episode will feature many eye-catching moments.

“There’s very much an ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ quality to this story,” Glasberg said in response to another reporter’s question. “People should watch this episode multiple times because there’s so much crossing and appearances that happen, that I highly recommend the DVR to be turned on.”

The show boss told Access that no one from “JAG,” the show which spawned “NCIS,” would appear.

“That, I can tell you, isn’t happening, but a lot of people that go way back in the history of ‘NCIS’ [are in the episode],” Glasberg said. “I’m not going to give you names, but there are heroes as well as villains.”

Nine seasons in, “NCIS” has battled to the top of the television ratings, and it show no signs of stopping – even threating to take out “Gunsmoke’s” record for most years on the air for a dramatic television show (a record shared by “Law & Order”).

“We’re certainly going to give it a try,” Glasberg said during the TCA panel when asked about taking over the record of 20 years.

“I like the idea of riding a horse if we’re gonna do that,” Harmon chimed in.

“We’ll all ride that horse with you,” Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) added.

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