‘Married At First Sight’: Cameron & Clare, Orion & Lauren All Have Tense Moments Together

This week on “Married At First Sight,” some couples are in the honeymoon phase and others seem to be not in the same boat at all.

Last episode ended on a tense note for Cameron, Clare and their communication issues. They don’t seem fully on the same page when it comes to what Cameron physically wants and what Clare is needing emotionally. And it was a little rocky at first as the couples all hung out.

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

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In fact, Becca and Austin left Cameron feeling a bit envious.

Things picked up for the couple after they bonded while paddleboarding together. Despite Clare roasting Cameron’s outfit choices they had a blast doing the activity and afterwards they bonded more when Cameron talked about why he’s passionate about his job.

With this pair, there is a just a lot of miscommunication going on. At dinner, the topic of therapy came up, and Cameron isn’t really into the idea of going himself, which Clare seemed less than thrilled about.

Emily and Brennan are getting a bit deeper with each other. They’re both self-professed workaholics so naturally the topic of money came up. While they both are making a good amount of money, they seem to have a bit of a different philosophy when it comes to how to spend it! Brennan is all about saving while Emily about the treat yourself life!

Emily knows how to get the party started! Later they did some shots together and they couldn’t help but marvel at how much they have in common.

Next we have a couple who seem to be perfectly matched – Becca and Austin. They really seem to have gotten close super quickly, and it’s easy to see see why Cameron said he’s a bit jealous of their bond!

They seem to be really close, and while out with dinner one of the most crucial conversations in a relationship came up, whether they wanted kids or not. Luckily, it seems like they are on the same page, with Austin saying he wants two kids, and Becca saying she wants whatever her partner wants.

Lauren and Orion have an appreciation for each other’s interests and cultures, and they bonded while Lauren was showing him how she does her hair.

Later on, they got deeper into talking about what they foresee their own roles would be within their future household and they are seeming to be aligned in that sense.

But things got a bit tense with them when the topic of racial slurs came up, and Lauren made a comment that upset Orion. She apologized for what she said, but he wasn’t happy.

He got pretty upset, but Lauren agreed that she shouldn’t have said what she did.

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