‘Married At First Sight’: Cameron’s Shocking Reveal About His Dad, Emily’s Friends Blast Brennan

This week on “Married at First Sight,” the couples had housewarming parties, some with more drama than others!

First up, Clare and Cameron bonded while he was in his element at his bike shop, and Clare is loving his confidence!

They were prepping for their housewarming party and it appears that Cameron isn’t a man with a plan – he’s more into going with the flow, which was stressing Clare out.

Their housewarming party got off to an awkward start when Cameron was asked if his dad knew he’s on the show and he casually revealed that his dad is on his, “death bed” which left Clare shocked.

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

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But for Cameron, he’s feeling difficulty connecting with Clare due to a lack of closeness and intimacy.

Becca and Austin celebrated her birthday with some of her besties, and they are all very much team Austin!

Later, when they were having their housewarming party, Becca and one of Austin’s friends talked about religion and how it’s been their only difference in their marriage. Austin’s friend seemed surprised that about because he says Austin hasn’t been super vocal about his faith in the past.

Last week we saw Emily and Brennan have some tough talks where he more or less said he wasn’t as attracted to her as she is to him and now, Emily is trying to figure out where they stand.

They finally decided to move in with each other and it’s clear Brennan is a bit overwhelmed, but he’s trying to make things work.

During their housewarming party, where all the guests wore wigs for some reason, Brennan got into it a bit with Emily’s friends because they’re worried he’s not taking their relationship seriously.

Afterwards, Emily apologized for her friends’ behavior and Brennan was grateful she had his back.

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