‘Married At First Sight’: Emily & Brennan Argue, Cameron Reveals Health Condition

This week on “Married at First Sight,” it seems like there might be some trouble in paradise for the remaining couples.

But first, we caught up with Clare and Cameron, who broke up last episode. Cameron is facing some health issues, which is causing Clare to feel guilty and worry that their split could have contributed to his health problems.

Cameron revealed he’s developed a heart condition and opened up about if it could be related to his breakup with Clare, but noted it was something that likely would have affected him no matter what.

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

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Later, Clare opened up about how their split felt abrupt to her, but she’s trying to remember the good things about him and their relationship.

Viewers met someone new this episode – Chloe is the woman the experts found for Michael’s second chance at getting married at first sight.

She went wedding dress shopping and shared about some insecurities she’s feeling ahead of her wedding day, revealing she’s worried her future groom might not like her.

Emily and Brennan are still rocky after what happened last episode, when they had a major argument after the group dinner.

Emily seems over it and is wanting Brennan to step things up if she’s going to continue her relationship with him. She met up with a friend who questioned why she’s even still trying to make things work with him.

But later, she clarified while meeting with Dr. Pepper that she hasn’t given up hope, and they both agreed their strong emotional connection is what is keeping them from just splitting.

They tried to have a moment in the hot tub talking about deep topics but Brennan wasn’t feeling it, and Emily is not happy about how things went down. Only time will tell if they can work things out.

“Married At First Sight”- produced by Kinetic Content – airs Wednesdays at 8pm PT/ET on Lifetime.

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