‘Married At First Sight’: Emily & Brennan Have Tense Talk With Dr. Pia, Becca & Austin’s Intimacy Heats Up

This week on “Married At First Sight,” one Denver couple reached an exciting new high in their connection, while another hit another rough patch.

Becca and Austin started the episode by working on building their intimacy. Becca has long felt ready to grow her physical connection with her husband, while Austin has preferred to take things slow.

To help grow their spark, Austin signed him and Becca up for a date to build terrariums with NSFW figurines, and it led them to an open convo about their sexual preferences.

Later, Dr. Pia came over to talk to them about where things stand, and Austin explained that while he desires Becca, all of the pressure and talk surrounding him making a move has made everything that much harder.

Dr. Pia encouraged them to try more foreplay and sent them a basket of games to help spice things up. They did a blindfolded obstacle course to build trust and played some sexy truth or dare. By the way the episode ended, all of the fun and flirtation seemed to light a fire in Austin!

Meanwhile, Brennan and Emily began by patching things up after last week’s argument, and while Emily was receptive to her husband’s apology, she told viewers she was hoping for a change in his behavior.

The two worked on their bond by writing letters to their younger selves, and Emily also brought Brennan to an indoor soccer field to show him how important the sport was to her growing up.

While they had a good time getting sporty, things took a turn later that night when Dr. Pia came over.

Emily reflected on what went wrong with some of the previous exercises Dr. Pia had assigned to develop intimacy, but Brennan was resistant to talk about any of their past struggles, feeling they should focus on the future.

Dr. Pia asked him directly about his defensiveness, and Emily told the audience that she feels that Brennan is similarly “reactive” off camera.

Brennan, meanwhile, said he felt “blindsided” by Emily’s focus on the past, and when asked if he trusted her, he replied that he felt like they were still building it.

Emily then shared that she was just trying to be honest about their journey and constructive so that they could find a way to move forward and make things work.

“Married at First Sight” also checked in with Cameron, who underwent surgery for his heart issue. Clare and Cameron, who are separated, agreed that the best way she could support him was to not be at the hospital, but rather support him from afar.

During a group hangout, Clare told Becca and Emily that even though there were “so many unknowns” in terms of their relationship, she was going to stick to her vows of “in sickness and in health” and support him in whatever way she could.

Viewers also got to see more from Michael, who is preparing to marry his new match, Chloe, in a few days.

He invited the other couples to the wedding, and he told them he was anticipating having to break the news to his bride that this will be his second time down the aisle at first sight.

The rest of the cast eased his nerves, and Becca told him that he can turn it into a positive, telling his future wife how grateful he is that he experienced that first failed nuptials because it brought him to her.

“Married at First Sight,” produced by Kinetic Content, airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Lifetime.