‘Married At First Sight’: Emily Gets Into ATV Accident, Chloe & Michael Move In Together

This week on “Married at First Sight”  one couple was in the honeymoon phase and the rest were on a rocky retreat!

Chloe and Michael seem to be handling things well together and are a bit nervous but excited about moving in together after their honeymoon.

Moving into their new place caused Chloe to get anxious, but Michael put her at ease and she’s loving his calming energy. They visited each other’s apartments, and Chloe got a better idea of Michael’s eclectic fashion style.

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

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She’s still getting used to being with someone so different from her past love interests, but Michael’s heart of gold seems to be winning her over.

Everyone else went on a couples retreat together, and things aren’t looking up for Emily and Brennan as he told her he wanted to sleep in separate bedrooms upon arrival.

But it wasn’t just couples who showed up! Cameron was still recovering from his surgery. But Clare, Orion and Lauren were there.

Orion and Lauren seem to be on totally different pages in regards to how they feel about each other. Lauren thinks Orion is all talk and acts different around the group of friends to save face, while he says he hopes to mend fences with her.

Things took a negative turn for Becca and Austin when he abruptly decided to go sleep in a different room from her, which left her shocked. He ended up apologizing and Becca is trying to move forward with things despite how upset it made her.

At the end of the episode, Emily and Brennan decided to try to have some fun by going on an ATV adventure together and it started out on an upbeat note.

But things took a dramatic turn when Emily got into an accident. The episode ended with her being taken away in an ambulance.

“Married At First Sight”- produced by Kinetic Content – airs Wednesdays at 8pm PT/ET on Lifetime.

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