‘Married At First Sight’: One Couple Splits After Rocky Relationship

This week on “Married at First Sight,” one couple called it quits after their rocky relationship.

First off, we caught up with Michael, who was left at the altar earlier this season. The experts met with him and apologized for everything and also commended him on how he handled things.

They also asked if he would be interested in returning and trying to get married at first sight for a second time. Despite how things went the first time around, Michael is down to find love again!

While Michael is open to the idea, his friends seemed to be a bit more skeptical and met up with him to share their doubts about the process.

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

‘Married At First Sight’: Meet All The Couples

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While out, Dr. Pepper joined them and revealed that after some deliberation, they have found Michael another match! He appeared super excited to trying the process a second time around.

Clare and Cameron began the episode by having a fun date out to try to reconnect, but they are concerned about their future.

Becca and Austin faced a major challenge this episode when it came to their different views on religion. In a particularly tense moment, they called up Pastor Cal for advice.

As for Emily and Brennan, they are also having some issues. He repeated his line of taking things “day by day” which seemed to irritate Emily, who says she needs more from him.

Later the couples all met up for dinner, and Emily seemed more frustrated her situation with Brennan due to how he was talking about their relationship in the group setting.

The night ended with Emily in tears as she told Brennan she needs more from him if their relationship is going to continue

But the most dramatic moment of their dinner was when Clare and Cameron revealed they want to breakup.

While their split appears to be amicable, they are feeling bittersweet about ending things.

“Married At First Sight”- produced by Kinetic Content – airs Wednesdays at 8pm PT/ET on Lifetime.

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