‘Married At First Sight’ Season 17 Brings Drama With One Castmate Who Seems To Get Left At The Altar

“Married At First Sight” is back with another wild season!

The couples are all looking for love this season in Denver, and some seem like they might be luckier than others. First up we meet Michael, who is nervous and excited about potentially finding his true love on the show!

He is all about embracing his uniqueness, and he credits his parents as being role models when it comes to their love story. However, in the show’s opening montage he seemingly gets stood up at the altar.

While one time will tell what happens with Michael on his big day, we’ve gotta move onto our next couple — Emily and Brennan. Emily is 29 and shared that prior to being on the show, she hasn’t been in any serious relationships in her entire life!

“I do consider myself to be the life of the party crazy, wild. I’m just a very high energy person and I think it will be great for me to have someone who can remind me crazy, wild, tone it down. I have been single for almost 30 years, so my whole life I have not been in any serious relationships to date,” she said.

Even her friends were wondering if she’s ready to dive straight into marriage after never being in a relationship, but Emily is convinced she’s ready for the major commitment.

Her fiancé Brennan opened up about what he’s hoping to find in his marriage, and shared about why he really wants to have healthy communication with his wife.

“My parents marriage was interesting. You know, they love each other very, very much, but they don’t know how to communicate. You know, most of the time it was fights. When you’re surrounded by that, you kind of don’t know anything else. And it really affected my relationships. That’s why it’s ever more important to make sure that my wife and I have a very communicative relationship.” he said.

He seems super committed to the idea of marriage, and even told his friends he’s in this for the long haul.

Emily was stressed while shopping for her wedding dress, and tried on a ton of options before saying yes to the dress, which caused her to get emotional.

The next couple we meet is Lauren and Orion. Orion’s family was a bit shocked when he announced he was getting married in a few weeks, but he seems excited about the process and sharing his culture with his bride.

Lauren’s family also seemed shocked about the situation, but she is taking things in stride. She revealed her mother passed away and what she thinks her mom would want for her in a relationship.

“My mom passed away in April, and I feel like that my mom was my safe space. We talk all the time about everything. And one thing she stressed is that she wanted me to be with a strong man that made me feel safe. I know no one can replace my mom, but I want that same feeling that I get when I’m with my mom,” she shared.

“I want to feel safe. I want to feel vulnerable. I want to feel like I can be my absolute self, whether it’s my best self or my worst self, honestly. And I think that’s what she will want from me.”

She and her family discussed what it would be like if she was matched with a man who’s another race and what that might be like for her, and she shared she is open to anything!

While trying on wedding dresses she started crying because her mom couldn’t be there with her during such an important moment, but she made it through the tough moment and picked her gown for her big day.

The next couple is Becca and Austin. Austin is an outgoing nature lover, and he revealed why he thinks he hasn’t had luck at finding the one until now, saying he’s pretty picky.

Becca is a quirky photographer. She shared about some major health issues she has and her hopes at finding happiness.

“My biggest hope is that I find someone who does care about me and that I’m not a burden,” she shared.

Next up we have Clare and Cameron. Cameron revealed one thing that has held him back in the past are his fears, but he working on conquering them

Clare is a therapist and quadruplet, but she’s suffered a terrible loss with the passing of her brother.

Later, the ladies had a group bachelorette party and the guys had a group bachelor party. It seemed like everyone was into the festivities, especially Emily, who turned up the party vibes!

After their wild bachelor and bachelorette parties, we got to see Emily walk down the aisle and meet Brennan for the first time, and the pair officially got hitched.

“Married At First Sight” – produced by Kinetic Content – airs Wednesdays at 8pm PT/ET on Lifetime.

— Stephanie Swaim

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