Maureen McCormick Weight Loss Blog (Aug. 26, 2009)

Saturday, August 8th, 2009 – Flying to MN today for family vacation, so couldn’t exercise. Stressed because Violet, our Golden Retriever, is coming with and she has to fly below in a kennel in cargo.

Sunday, August 9th – Up at Lake Vermilion. Cabin is only accessible by boat. Love that! Today water seems way chillier than last year – but swam for about an hour with Violet.

Monday, August 10th – Went kayaking with Carol, my sister-in-law. Discovered a lily pad laden marsh “Mo’s Marsh.”

Tuesday, August 11th – Used Juliet’s “fitness-in-a-bag” exercises. S’mores and red wine temptations around the campfire at night. Beautiful, clear star filled night.

Wednesday, August 12th – Swimming in the lake with Violet again. Violet is a true water dog. She could literally stay in the lake all day. She starts barking if I don’t throw sticks in the water for her. And if she thinks I am drowning she will try and rescue me and scratch me to pieces in the process. The water is freezing. After swimming I went for another long kayak paddle.

Thursday, August 13th – Went jogging from Timbuktu down the old country road. My husband picked me up in the van on his way back from picking up supplies in town. The guys are busy building “Grandpa’s Shed.” I ran for about an hour. Around the campfire at night, I resisted the smores, but gave in to a glass of red wine.

Friday, August 14th – Ate my own special meals. I have done this the entire trip. This is our last night at the cabin. Everyone is watching a DVD and eating popcorn. I am resisting although normally I would be the first one in line. Instead I am having a bite of a special, low-cal cheese cake.

Saturday, August 15th – I have been dying to weigh myself all week, but no scale at the cabin. We leave today. We plan to drive the long way back to Minneapolis and visit some small towns and hit a few antique stores.

Sunday, August 16th – Caribou coffee at 6:00AM. Back in LA by 11:00AM and I can finally get on a scale. Yea! I lost three pounds!!! I am so proud that I stuck with my plan while on vacation and through all the temptations and lost weight.

Monday, August 17th – My back is still sore from all that kayaking and I feel like resting today.

Tuesday, August 18th – Jogging on the treadmill for about an hour and swimming

Wednesday, August 19th – Jogging on the treadmill for about an hour and swimming – sticking with my diet plan.

Thursday, August 20th – Swimming and treadmill. Curtis Stone and Access Hollywood today. Afterwards I workout with Juliet. I am exhausted!!!

Friday, August 21st – Had my hair colored in the AM, with Juliet, my trainer at 1:15 we did Pilates for the first time in my life – it’s better than sex! I felt like I was massaged for a full hour on the Pilates machine! Fantastic work out!

Saturday, August 22nd – Did an hour of walking and running on treadmill. Later that day, in the hot afternoon sun, my husband and I walked around the lake. It’s about 5 miles and it took about 1.5 hours – it was very hot and we were very thirsty! That night I went out with a girlfriend for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Can’t believe how huge the portions now seem to me – I was stuffed after dinner. No wine for me! Wow, what will power! Yea!

Sunday, August 23rd – Spent the day with my favorite person in the world – my brother Denny, who is intellectually disabled. My best buddy! We didn’t do any exercise, but we were busy all day!

Monday, August 24th – I did an hour of cardio on the treadmill and bike and then went to see Juliet at 12:00 noon. The diet is going great – I feel so much lighter. My big clothes don’t fit me anymore – they are starting to fall off.

Tuesday, August 25th – An hour of cardio, walking and running on the treadmill and 1:30 I am with Trainer Juliet. I think I am going to be very, very sore in the morning…

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