Maureen McCormick’s Weight Loss Challenge: Her Diet Plan

(The following diet plan was written by Maureen’s trainer Juliet Kaska)

It is so easy for people to get caught up in a fad diet and then turned off just as quickly by the same “diet”, which is why it was important for me to teach Maureen about eating correctly — not dieting.

Most popular diets make the dieter suffer by not allowing them to eat the foods they crave or are use to, this technique inevitably results in an extreme bounce back where the dieter then over indulges in the wrong foods, the very food the diet was trying to keep them off, and more excess fat weight is gained.

With Maureen, and my other celebrity clients, I instead do not restrict anything, but instead teach them how to enjoy food, stay healthy and look amazing!

Here are some sure fire quick tips for you to lose weight, be healthy and look like a million bucks:

Week One & Two

1. Eat all the time! Your body is like a car, without fuel it can operate. Make sure to eat at least 200 calories every 2-3 hours. Eat 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner in average timeline looks like this: Wake up 6 AM, Breakfast#1 7 AM, Breakfast #2 10 AM, Lunch #1 1 PM, Lunch #2 4 PM, Dinner #1 7 PM, bedtime 10 PM.

2. Spend plenty of time with the Sandman! Get plenty of sleep, a tired body craves more calories throughout the day because it needs more fuel. Plan your going to bed times at the start of the week, based on what time you have to be up in the morning.

3. Fill up! Start your day with a fiber dense food, such as fiber waffles or pancakes, or a bran muffin minus the sugar, Zen bakery and Trader Joes make a n excellent version of this muffin that tastes amazing.

4. Hydrate early! Start drinking water first thing in the morning, preferably room temperature. Start with 2 liters before 4 PM.

5. Enjoy your sugar tooth! Processed-refined sugar is like a drug in our body, have a little want a lot. I advise clients to go on a sugar cleanse (for more on the sugar cleanse go to with in the first 2 weeks of starting with me. After this making smart choices about eating good sweeteners are a great deal easier, and taste so much better.

6. Unpack the boxes! Trade out the boxed and packages food for foods that are fresh and full of nutrients. Boxed food is full of unnatural preservatives and lots and lots of sodium. This 1 simple little change will take away a layer of bloat from your body within 3-5 days.

7. Not in Bed! Eat your meals sitting down at a table or counter, without a computer, TV or phone, that includes Smartphones. Do not eat in bed or at your desk or in your car. Create a positive ritual around eating, so you teach your body and mind to enjoy it’s nutrients and also you will find that when you are only eating and not multitasking your body tells you it is full, and your plate is not yet empty.

8. Eat your carbs! It is vital to your bodies productivity and vitality that you eat carbohydrates, the problem is wheat refined carbohydrates (aka white bread, pasta and rice). Instead substitute whites for wheat’s. A great trick to making this transition is my “50/50 2 week rule”. For only 2 weeks you can use 50% white & 50% wheat, for example having a turkey sandwich make 1 slice white & 1 slice wheat. Your body will began to crave what is good for it. In some rare examples, when people’s bodies are truly sugar toxic they may need to do this 50/50 rule for up to 4 weeks before their body begins to crave the healthy nutritious wheat products.

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