Nicolas Cage Gushes Over ‘Great’ ‘Renfield’ Co-Star Nicholas Hoult

Nicolas Cage is a big fan of Nicholas Hoult.

The two star in “Renfield,” a vampire horror-comedy that follows Nicholas’ character, Renfield, a long-suffering henchman to Nic’s Count Dracula.

While at the New York premiere of the film Nicolas Cage gushed over his co-star while chatting with Access Hollywood.

Nicholas Hoult from 'About A Boy' to 'The Great'

Nicholas Hoult from ‘About A Boy’ to ‘The Great’

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“I had a great co-star with Nicholas Hoult, who really set the pace with the comedy. He has impeccable comedic timing, ” he said.

And the film was a long-awaited reunion for the two.

They played father and son in 2005’s “The Weather Man” and when they spoke with Access Hollywood earlier this month, the pair recalled how much they enjoyed first working together and why the experience made teaming up again a total no-brainer.

“I was just completely in awe,” Nicholas, now 33, said of acting alongside the Oscar winner at such a young age, adding that “The Weather Man” was among his first jobs in the United States and he wanted to learn as much as he could from an acclaimed Hollywood veteran.

Though Nicholas was just getting his career started at the time, Nic, 59, confirmed that he was impressed with the up-and-comer right off the bat!

“I was amazed at the poise that Nick had at 14 on camera,” he marveled, sharing why his first impression of the young Brit made “Renfield” such an exciting opportunity even many years later.

Adding, “He was so confident. And I had no doubt then the star he would subsequently become. So when I heard he was doing this, I thought, ‘I gotta get back in the ring with him.’”

“Renfield” also stars Awkwafina and Ben Schwartz and hits theaters April 14.

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