North West Wows As She Belts Out Gospel Tunes Alongside Kanye West: Is She On The ‘Jesus Is King Album!?

North West is not only a superstar singer, she can also add film star to her resume – because she seems to have several starring moments in dad Kanye West’s new film “Jesus Is Lord,” which is attached to his forthcoming album “Jesus Is King.”

Kanye surprised fans in Detroit on Friday night with a sneak peek of his new album, with the corresponding film to go with it, and not only did the fans go nuts over it, it became very apparent that Yeezy’s daughter North West may be a big part of both.

North has been a frequent participant in Kanye’s Sunday Services, singing on the hillsides of Calabasas and during Easter Services at Coachella, so it’s no surprise that there is a fair bit of footage of the 6-year-old belting her little heart out.

But on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account on Friday night, she shared even more video of North singing all the high notes.

So why do we think North West will be featured on the “Jesus Is King” album? Well, prior to Kim sharing all her videos of North West singing at the services, she also shared a ton of news videos of the fan event in Detroit and details about the album’s release on Sunday and the film’s release in IMAX theaters later this year.

If you put two and two together – North West has got a spot on the album and the movie.

And we are officially ready for it!

PHOTOS: North West: Adorable Shots Of Kim & Kanye’s Daughter

North West: Adorable Shots Of Kim & Kanye’s Daughter

North West: Adorable Shots Of Kim & Kanye’s Daughter

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