‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond ‘Declined Sedation’ While Getting Tooth Pulled: ‘Made Me Feel Alive’

The “Pioneer Woman” apparently has a high pain tolerance!

Ree Drummond took to her Instagram Story over the weekend to share details about a dental procedure she underwent earlier in the week.

“I am 54 years old and I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days ago,” she wrote with an arrow pointing to her neck. “Look at my swollen gland.”

She revealed that she asked the oral surgeon if she could take her wisdom tooth home and “he said yes” but she decided against keeping her tooth.

Ree did decline something else during her procedure which might shock some!

“I also declined sedation when I got my wisdom tooth pulled on Friday. I t made me feel alive,” she said.

The HGTV personality said it reminded her of “natural childbirth” and added that she “felt elated afterward.”

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