Pitbull: ‘I’m Single Bilingual & Ready To Mingle’; Rapper Reveals Origin Of Name

Pitbull is looking for a +1!

Fresh off a stellar performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday, the rapper stopped by Access Holllywood Live Monday morning where he chatted with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

The 31-year-old chart-topper loves to rap about women, but he currently doesn’t have one to call his own

“I’m single, bilingual and ready to mingle,” he told Billy and Kit with a smile.

Earlier in the show, while discussing Jenny McCarthy’s groping and kissing of Justin Bieber at the AMAs (More on that story, HERE!), the rapper said he was game for some intimate time with the blond bombshell.

“I wish Jenny McCarthy would have touched me like that,” he said with a laugh.

The music star, whose real name is Armando Cristian Perez, explained the origin of his stage name.

“Pitbull comes from, anybody that has seen the dog… it’s a mentality where, they’re almost too stupid to lose. ‘Lose’ is not a part of the vocabulary,” he told Billy and Kit. “There’s no such thing as win or lose, there’s just win and learn and when it comes to a pit bull they bite and lock and don’t let go until they take care of business

Adding, “In the music industry, you have to fight.”

Pitbull might be on top of the music world now, but at age of 16 he was kicked out of his house by his mother after he went down the wrong path growing up in Miami.

“She said, ‘Grab what you can in 20 minutes and get out,’” he recalled. “I respect my mom. My mom is my father and my mother and she’s the one that has made me a man.”

Pitbull explained that he did live up to an agreement they had.

”[She said to me,] ‘There’s one thing I don’t want you to do, is to be involved with these types of substances or products’… and I did,” he explained.

“You healed with her?” Billy asked.

“Absolutely. Me and my mom, I guess you could say, raised me so well, that’s sometimes we bump heads,” he said. “The music business gave us the chance to bring the family together, my brothers, my sisters, things like that.”

Pitbull’s new album, “Global Warming,” is in stores now.

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