Rachelle Lefevre Talks Life After ‘New Moon’

Rachelle Lefevre won’t be appearing in “Eclipse,” the third film in “The Twilight Saga,” but the star told Access Hollywood on Thursday night that she’s still proud of her contributions to the franchise.

“I heard it’s already breaking records for sell-outs, tickets in advance, I’m starting to hear the whispers,” she said of the November-due “New Moon,” in which she reprises the role of Victoria. “When we first did ‘Twilight,’ we hoped, ‘God, I hope this does well.’ And then you have the next one and you go, ‘I hope it does as well as ‘Twilight!’”

And as for her abrupt departure from the series, thanks to Summit’s recasting of the role with Bryce Dallas Howard and an argued-over scheduling conflict, she said she’s moving forward.

“That’s the kind of thing you can’t anticipate in a career. It was devastating, I didn’t see it coming,” she said, adding that moving on to other films had been a much-needed outlet.

“Going off and getting to do ‘Barney’s Version’ [instead] with Paul Giamatti was such a beautiful experience,” Rachelle concluded. “I got to play a character who was really emotionally unhinged, so I got to take all my sadness and devastation and channel it into this character. It was a nice place to land.”

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