Rising Star: Brea Grant

To catch a glimpse of AccessHollywood.com’s new Rising Star, you better have a fast eye! Not only does this 26-year-old play the fastest woman on television, she is on her way to super stardom on NBC’s “Heroes,” as Daphne Millbrook, better known to fans as The Speedster. Meet Brea Grant!

AccessHollywood.com caught up with Brea during a break from filming on the set of her hit NBC series, “Heroes,” where Brea revealed her superpower on the show of amazing speed has not rubbed off on her in real life.

“I got stung by a bee! It was faster than me,” she said with a laugh.

Brea joins the “Heroes” cast for its third season, where it’s not entirely clear if she is a villain or a good guy. But regardless of her possible allegiance to forces of evil, Brea loves her new role.

“It’s going really well, I don’t have any other season to compare it to, but for me it’s going great. It’s been really fun,” she told Access.

Brea broke out in the critically acclaimed NBC high school football drama “Friday Night Lights,” which the actress said involved a much different process than “Heroes.”

“Definitely really different, ‘Friday Night Lights’ is mostly improvised and it’s just a totally different feel. You have like three cameras going at once and you just walk around, you don’t have marks or anything,” she said. “And on this show, everything I do is very technical. Because, I have my power and it’s a lot more complicated but I’ve gotten used to it now, I will say I was not so great at it when I started, but I’m getting a lot better.”

Fans have gotten to know Brea’s character Daphne in a major way in the first three episodes of the season and the actress says she was highly impressed with how the special effects turned out.

“I didn’t know what it was gonna look like! They said, ‘We’re gonna pause time the first episode and there’s gonna be a wake behind you,’ and I was just like, ‘Okay great!’ and I still didn’t know what they were talking about, I was like, ‘that’s amazing!’” she told Access.

Not only is Brea on a series beloved by fanboys and fangirls, the 26-year-old considers herself a lover of geek-dom too.

“I’m truly a geek! I read a lot of comic books and this was a really good excuse because I felt like reading comic books was research for ‘Heroes.’ I like the sci-fi genre, I liked ‘Heroes’ [before I was on it]. I love stuff like ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and those kind of nerdy shows,” she revealed. “This is sort of my dream I guess, it’s like the perfect show for me to be on!”

Brea is so much of a fan, that she attended this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con as a regular fan of the genre and caused quite a stir on the convention floor when other fans who were treated to a sneak peak of the new season of “Heroes” recognized the actress — something Brea got a kick out of.

“It’s cool because it’s the fans. They’re the people that really fuel the show,” she said.

In addition to working in television, Brea says she would love to do more work in film — along with following in the footsteps of some of Hollywood’s greats.

“I love Julianne Moore, one of my favorite actresses,” Brea said with zeal. “I love Angelina Jolie and if I had to pick a career to emulate it would be her. I like that she’s tough and sexy at the same time. I also love Parker Posey…I think she’s hilarious, one of my favorite comedic actresses, and I love Kristen Bell!”

When asked which superhero she would date if they existed and she were single, she answers with a giggle, “The Flash would be cool. He wasn’t always a good boyfriend but he became a good boyfriend in some of the later comics. And Spiderman is always very loyal — you could get places really fast!”

And who wouldn’t make Brea’s fantasy superhero boyfriend list?

“Not Wolverine, too mean!” she said.

As for the character she plays on “Heroes” — who would catch her eye?

“She would be a good match with Batman — someone darker, with a little edge to them,” Brea adds. “She’d have to live a more exciting life.”

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