‘Riverdale’ Actor Ryan Grantham Sentenced To Life For 2020 Killing Of His Mom

Former “Riverdale” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” actor Ryan Grantham has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2020 killing of his mother.

The ruling came down on Sept. 21 by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Ker in Vancouver. He will not be eligible for parole for 14 years, according to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).

Per the outlet, Justice Ker called the case heartbreaking and said the victim statements from his sister showed how “life-shattering” the crime was.

Grantham was 21 when he shot his mother, Barbara Waite, in the head while she played the piano. According to CBC he confessed to the murder in a GoPro video taken shortly after her death. In the clip, which was shown in court, he also reportedly shows his mother’s body.

The day after the murder, Grantham reportedly packed his car with ammunition and started traveling to Ottawa, Canada, with the intention of killing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Per CBC, he made it to Hope, British Columbia until he turned around with thoughts of committing a mass shooting. However, instead later that night he turned himself into the police.

In court, Justice Ker said it was a “saving grace” Grantham chose not to go on a shooting rampage, per CBC. She explained that the actor was on a downward spiral for months and has since received psychiatric help in prison and had been showing improvement.

In June, Grantham addressed the court and delivered an apology for the murder of his mother according to the outlet.

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The 24-year-old has been an actor since he was nine years old. He has appeared in shows like “Riverdale,” “Supernatural,” “iZombie,” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

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