Rosie Remembers Michael Jackson

As the world continued to mourn the loss of Michael Jackson over the weekend, Rosie O’Donnell took to her blog to reflect on the death of the King of Pop.

“after i heard he died, we went on the boat, to watch the sunset, I felt numb,” Rosie wrote in poem form on her blog on Saturday. “the light once flowed thru him, directly from the source, a shining stream poured out of him, never ending, few can even imagine the high of that”

“and the confusion it must bring, when u somehow become, what u saw in the others, who came before u,” Rosie continued. “the ones who made u dream of dancing, revered him, fred astaire phoned, the boy from gary Indiana”

And in true Rosie style, the outspoken television personality touched on some of the more controversial aspects of Jackson’s life.

“the boy who had the beauty beaten out of him, by the man who gave him life, then put him to work at 5, childhood lost, with no remember when – 2 get back 2,” the poem continued. “money cant buy it, publicists can deny it, but u must live it, ur truth.”

Rosie questioned how to remember Jackson, asking, “so what exactly do we mourn, the man, the music, the myth”

The former “View” co-host even addressed concerns about Jackson’s reported excessive plastic surgery, alleged drug use and the singer’s sexual abuse trial, which he settled in 1994.

“we all saw him suffer, as his face fell in on itself, friends and family unable to reach in, he unable to reach out,” Rosie wrote. “many made millions, looking the other way, as he invited young boys to his bed, he turned into the thing he loathed, the man in the mirror, had no idea how to change his ways”

Rosie shared her own grief surrounding Jackson’s passing, telling her readers that when she spotted a rainbow among storm clouds while on her boat that she cried for the first about his death.

“so now the crowds gather, endless tributes, the kind of love and adoration he seemed to crave, and he is not here to feel any of it,” she continued. “breaks my heart in every way, for his children, for the child he was, for the dreams he tried to live up to”

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