Royal Guard & Queen Elizabeth’s Cousin Lady Gabriella Windsor Separately Collapse In Front Of Her Coffin

In the days since Queen Elizabeth’s passing, London has seen thousands of mourners come to pay their respects and to witness the various official ceremonies and proceedings that surround the death of the late monarch.

Currently, the Queen’s body is lying-in-state at Westminster Hall where members of the public have been lining up to see Her Majesty’s coffin, the line supposedly going on for miles.

The coffin has been kept under watch by a guard 24 hours a day. On Wednesday, one of the members of the guard that has been maintaining this watch collapsed.

In video posted on Twitter, he appears to lose his balance, the guard then falls forward and onto the ground. Other guards rushed forward to take care of him

This guard is not the only person to have fainted before the Queen’s coffin.

Earlier this week, as Her Majesty’s coffin arrived in Westminster, her 41-year-old cousin, Lady Gabriella Windsor, appeared to collapse. She was later seen leaving on the arm of her husband, Thomas Kingston.

On Friday morning it was announced that no new members of the public would be allowed to line up to see the Queen’s coffin in Westminster. For those already in line, the BBC estimates that it will take 14 hours to reach Westminster.

All four of Elizabeth’s children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. As well as her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry, are expected to take turns standing guard at her coffin on Friday and Saturday.

The State Funeral will take place on Monday, during which the Queen’s coffin will move from Westminster Abbey to St. George’s Chapel, where she will be laid to rest alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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