Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt Talk ‘The Fall Guy’ Action & Working With Each Other For The First Time

Just days before Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s new action comedy “The Fall Guy” hits theaters, the co-stars are spilling on some of their favorite moments from set.

Though both stars got to take part in the action, only one admitted having to face a fear of theirs during filming while the other was crowned with a stunt nickname.

“I have a fear of heights,” Ryan, who plays stuntman Colt Seavers in the film, admitted to Access Hollywood recently while recounting the moment he faced that fear. “They dropped me 12 stories off a building at the beginning of the movie.”

Emily plays Jody Moreno, a movie director, and Ryan’s character’s ex in the film.

The castmates smiled while recalling the actress’ stunt nickname on set: “Emily Blunt Force Trauma.”

“The fight scenes, I’m always up for,” Emily raved, which prompted Ryan to reveal she is “freakishly good” at them.

The A-listers also admitted to being Swifties while discussing one of Ryan’s scenes in the movie where he is crying to one of Taylor Swift’s most beloved songs. The “Oppenheimer” actress said she was a “huge, colossal Swiftie,” revealing she’s taking her daughters to go see the pop star in concert.

Ryan and Emily’s camaraderie is evident on and off-screen, but fans may be surprised to learn that the two didn’t know each other “All Too Well” before this project. However, it didn’t take them long to develop mutual admiration!

“He is one of one. He’s exceptionally brilliant in, at many different things, and I feel like Colt Seavers was an amalgamation of all his rather extraordinary talents,” Emily said of Ryan.

“This movie wouldn’t be this movie without Emily,” Ryan added, returning the compliment before Emily joked that she only got the part after “Margot turned it down,” referring to Ryan’s “Barbie” co-star.

“The Fall Guy” is only in theaters May 3.

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