Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively As He Leaves Cheeky Message To Young Canadians To Stop Partying Amid Pandemic

Ryan Reynolds Delivers Hilarious Response To Blake Lively's Racy Pregnancy Joke

Ryan Reynolds got the call from British Columbia’s Premier to help get young Canadians to stop partying amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – and it’s safe to say he answered in the best possible way.

The usually cheeky Ryan released a funny audio message on Twitter after B.C. Premier John Horgan shared in recent press conference that he’s been trying to reach the younger demographic about the dangers of coronavirus, saying, “This is a call out to Deadpool right now. Ryan, we need your help up here. Get in touch with us.”

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And get in touch he did! Ryan, 43, admitted that he’s not the one to be sharing medical advice, but he did have some sage advice about why young Canadians need to put the kibosh on their partying and stay inside. Ryan pointed out that his mom lives in that area and she also wants to go out and live it up – in fact, she wants to go full Mrs. Robinson on someone, but she can’t right now because it’s not safe.

Ryan’s full cheeky response is below…

“I’m not sure it’s a great idea, frankly. I don’t think they want medical advice from guys like me, no sir. Unless it’s plastic surgery, which — a lot of people don’t know this — but I used to be Hugh Jackman,” the “Deadpool” actor began.

“Young folks in B.C., they’re partying, which is of course dangerous,” he continued, adding, “They probably don’t know that thousands of young people aren’t just getting sick from coronavirus, they’re also dying from it too.”

“It’s terrible that it affects our most vulnerable. B.C., that’s home to some of the coolest older people on Earth,” Ryan shared, listing his mom and environmental activist David Suzuki, as some of the area’s famous residents who are older.

“My mom, she doesn’t want to be cooped up in her apartment all day. She wants to be out there cruising Kitsilano Beach looking for some young 30-something Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on. She is insatiable,” he joked.

“I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom frankly. Or David Suzuki. Or each other.” Ryan added.

“Let’s not kill anyone. I think that’s reasonable.”

The “Deadpool” star closed out his PSA with a hilarious dig toward his wife, Blake Lively.

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“I love parties. My favorite thing to do is sit alone in my room with a glass of gin and the first 32 seasons of Gossip Girl. That’s a party.”

Hey, we agree, that’s a party!

Ryan wasn’t the only famous face that Horgan called upon – he also asked Seth Rogen for some help. And it sounds like something fun could be cooking because Seth Rogen wrote back on Twitter.

“Just slid in to your DMs!” Rogen, 38, tweeted to Horgan.

Canada has also seen a recent increase in coronavirus cases.

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