See Justin Bieber’s Sexy ‘What Do You Mean?’ Video

The Biebs is officially all grown up.

Moments after a high-energy, tearful comeback performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Bieber premiered a sexy music video for his new song, “What Do You Mean?”.

In the clip, directed by Brad Furman, Biebs pays off a “bad guy” (played by John Leguizamo), before making out with a lingerie-clad model (Xenia Deli) in a seedy motel room for a few minutes. (Not a bad gig, Biebs. #Blessed.)

Just when we thought Justin taking off his shirt for some prime Calvin Klein product placement and Xenia climbing all over the 21-year-old (and licking his chest, yasssss) would be all we’d get from this video, surprise! Masked intruders break into the room and kidnap Biebs and his bra-wearing babe.

Bound back-to-back with rope, the couple uses a lighter to free themselves (in a remarkable one second flat) and attempts to escape.

Unfortunately, they’ve got nowhere to go and end up stranded with only one option: to jump out of a high window and probably die.

They take the leap anyway, because Xenia trusts Biebs and his adorable eyes – as one would –and plunge to their… PLOT TWIST! They land squarely on cushions and roll into a skate park to dance with John Leguizamo, who – plot twist – isn’t actually a bad guy.

Staging an elaborate kidnap/hostage situation for your girlfriend? The Biebs knows how to thrill a lady.

Erin O’Sullivan

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