Sheryl Crow: Writing Katie Couric’s Talk Show Theme Song Was ‘Really Fun’

Sheryl Crow has won multiple Grammys over the years, but when it came to writing the theme song for pal Katie Couric’s new talk show, “Katie,” she admitted she struggled.

“She called me and asked me if I’d write it and it was kind of funny because she knew she wanted an up tempo, kind of like, ‘Every Day Is a Winding Road’ [type song] and she knew what she wanted it to be about. And, I, for the longest time sat there going, ‘Oh my gosh! Where do I even start,” Sheryl told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle as she promoted One A Day Women’s and Feed America’s mission to help Americans at risk of hunger, in New York City earlier this week.

Once she calmed her worries, Sheryl said penning the tune was a blast.

“It wound up being really fun,” Sheryl explained. “Once I got on the phone with her and talked about it and we got a feel for what her show was about, it was fun to do.”

As “Katie” continues its premiere week (it kicked off on Monday in syndication), Sheryl said fans can expect a mix of seriousness and Katie’s undeniable charm.

“She’s a serious interviewer. That’s the one thing that — even before she was doing ‘Nightly News’ [on CBS] — people knew her for her very titillating, very serious interviews but, at the same time, she was very serious and fun and kind of every girl’s girl,” Sheryl said. “I was on the first show [on Monday] and she interviewed Jessica Simpson and myself and she’s great. She asked the hard questions and the fun questions and she’s gonna do great.”

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