Susan Olsen Reveals ‘Brady Bunch’ Cast Hookups!

Here’s a story, of a lovely lady… named Susan Olsen, who is spilling all kinds of “Brady Bunch” secrets.

In a new interview with, Olsen (now 53) opened up about life growing up as Cindy Brady.

First up, the long-rumored cast hookups. Any truth?

“I think all of us did,” Olsen told the outlet, when asked if any of the kids hooked up while filming the iconic ’70s TV series. “We led a sheltered life for part of the year, so if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts.”

Somebody cover Tiger’s ears for this next one…!

“I had Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) and we used to make out in the doghouse when we were nine,” she claimed. “Eve (Jan Brady) always had a crush on Chris (Peter Brady), they did kind of hook up later on.”

And about that Greg Brady/Carol Brady off-screen romance lore?

“And of course there was Maureen (Marcia Brady) and Barry (Greg Brady), but Barry really wanted to hook up with Florence (Carol Brady), but Florence kept that very platonic,” she added.

Cast crushes aside, some of the cast didn’t exactly get along off-screen, including Olsen’s TV sisters Eve Plumb (Jan) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia).

“They do not [get along]. I think it’s kind of petty. From day one with these two I have always been in the middle and now it’s at the point where there isn’t even a desire to communicate through me,” the actress said. “It’s all really petty, but if your feelings get hurt when you’re really young, some people carry it with them. Or maybe to them, moving on means moving away.

“I understand both sides of the story but I’m a little more inclined to be sympathetic to Eve,” she added.

For Susan, the co-star she didn’t necessarily gel with was older brother Greg (Barry Williams).

“Barry had been the youngest in his real family and being a big brother on the show was a big deal to him, so the standards that he had within our group were really different for him,” Olsen said. “He was kind of macho about it. While he was extremely sweet to me, there was still a little edge to him.”

— Eric Anderson

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