Sylvester Stallone & Wife Jennifer Flavin Reveal If It Was Love At First Sight For Them

The Stallones aren’t holding back!

Sylvester Stallone, wife Jennifer Flavin and their daughters Sistine, Scarlet Rose and Sophia Rose spoke with Access Hollywood ahead of their new series, “The Family Stallone” and Sly and his wife revealed if it was love at first sight for them.

“I fell in love with your sense of humor when I first met you because you were really funny,” Jennifer said. “You just took control of everything, and I love that about you.”

The “Rambo” star also revealed the hardest thing about seeing his daughters grow up.

Sylvester Stallone Through The Years

Sylvester Stallone Through The Years

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“The hardest part about seeing you grow up is seeing you grow up,” he said. “Well you realize, ‘Oh that moment’s gone. That birthday’s gone. That graduation is gone, and you weren’t there or you were not in the moment. And you go, ‘God d***it.’ And you can’t get that back. So you look at these old home movies and you go, ‘God d***it.’ That’s a real issue.’

“The Family Stallone” premieres Wednesday, 5/17, exclusively on Paramount+.

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