Taylor Swift & Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Phone Call: Leaked Footage Sheds Alleged New Light

There’s alleged new insight into Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s storied history.

New video claiming to show the full phone call between the superstars regarding Kanye’s 2016 song “Famous” leaked on Twitter late Friday night in a series of clips totaling 25 minutes.

The track had caused an immediate firestorm upon its release, with Taylor and Kanye disagreeing over whether they’d specifically discussed the now-contested lyric “I made that b***h famous.” Taylor has consistently maintained she had no prior knowledge of the phrase, while Kanye has always claimed he gave her a heads up about the planned reference to their iconic 2009 VMAs dust-up in which he crashed the singer’s acceptance speech.

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The latest call footage, which Access Hollywood has not independently verified, comes four years after Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian shared snippets of the conversation as alleged proof the rapper was up front with Taylor about the song’s content, though Kanye was not seen mentioning the words “that b***h” in those excerpts or the new ones.

In the latest video, the hip-hop mogul does appear to warn Taylor about a “very controversial” line, prompting her to ask: “Is it gonna be mean?”

“No, I don’t think it’s mean,” Kanye replies.

“So it says, ‘To all my Southside n***** that know me best/ I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex,” he later shares, adding that the lyric had gotten Kim’s approval.

Taylor – who is never seen and only allegedly heard on the other end of the call – seems to chuckle in response and say “that’s not mean” but also explains to Kanye why she’s hesitant about the line.

“I need to think about it because you hear something for the first time, you need to think about it because it is absolutely crazy. I’m glad it’s not mean though,” she says. “It doesn’t feel mean, but like, oh my God, the build-up you gave it. I thought it was gonna be like, ‘That stupid, dumb, b***h,’ like, but it’s not.”

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The final version of the song changed the wording to “might still have sex,” which Kanye also presented to Taylor in the alleged call footage. In another portion, he pitches Taylor the line “I made her famous,” but does not include the word “b***h” with which Taylor ultimately took issue.

Amid the aftermath of “Famous,” Taylor had spoken out in a social media statement defending her claim that she was not given proper warning about the full extent of Kanye’s lyrics.

“Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me ‘that b***h’ in his song? It doesn’t exist because it never happened,” she wrote at the time. “You don’t get to control someone’s emotional response to being called ‘that b***h’ in front of the entire world.”

As of Saturday afternoon neither Taylor nor Kanye had addressed the latest videos publicly, but Swifties flocked to Twitter with support for the “Lover” singer with hashtags including #TaylorToldTheTruth.

The source of the new footage remains unknown at this time.

— Erin Biglow

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