‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Cries While Confronting Pedro In Emotional Moment

The Family Chantel” was a wild ride!

After Chantel and her family received a wild “care package” from Pedro’s family, Karen says karma is coming to get them. Chantel, on the other hand, is taking a more direct approach and is going to the Dominican Republic to confront them

Once she arrived, Chantel called Pedro to reveal she’s there, and he wasn’t happy about the situation.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

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Pedro met up with his family to tell them that Chantel is in town to confront them, and Nicole was shocked.

Pedro, his mom Lidia and sister Nicole finally came face-to-face with Chantel and her brother River, and things got heated.  She accused Pedro of cheating on her, which he denied — but he did admit that he wasn’t the perfect husband.

Chantel was super upset about how everything was going and ended up fleeing the scene while crying.

Even though Chantel is closing the chapter of her life with Pedro, she is still optimistic about her future and hopes to find love one day.

“The Family Chantel” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC.

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