‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Learns Pedro Was Allegedly Unfaithful During Their Marriage

The Family Chantel” always delivers the drama!

Chantel’s mom Karen took her and Winter out to go wig shopping. While in the shop, she ended up confessing to Chantel about going to the private investigator to dig up dirt on Pedro.

Chantel was interested in learning what tea her mom had learned – Karen revealed that Pedro’s sister’s ex boyfriend Alejandro wants to meet with her to share some juicy details about Pedro.

Karen also revealed that Pedro had been lying about the truth regarding one of his past relationships, and that he had allegedly been involved with Coraima before his relationship with Chantel.

That wasn’t even the end of what the investigator found out – on top of all that, it was revealed that Pedro allegedly had an affair with his co-worker.

Chantel was aghast, as she had previously confided in the woman that Pedro allegedly cheated on her with.

As for Pedro, viewers caught up with him in the Dominican Republic, where his sister had set him up on a date – with someone who looks a lot like Chantel! Despite having fun on the date, Pedro wasn’t feeling it because she just looked too much like Chantel.

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He didn’t just meet up with Chantel 2.0 – he also met up with Coraima, who he claims he never hooked up with. It’s looking like things won’t happen between the two because she’s off the market.

Despite Pedro and Coraima apparently being star crossed lovers, they posted a pic together on social media, which Chantel saw while on a trip to New York City with her family. Despite being done with Pedro, she was still hurt to see it.

Jumping back to Pedro’s family — his mom Lidia is getting ready to see her ex Scott for the first time since their split.

Lidia wanted answers about what happened with the other woman Scott was talking to and if they are still in communication with each other. They seem to be getting along well for now, she even ended up going back to his room!

Chantel got an offer on the house she used to share with Pedro, so despite being upset over seeing him with Coraima, she had to call him to tell him the news. But he wasn’t interested in selling for the offered price.

“The Family Chantel” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC.

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