‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel’s Mom Karen Sells Pedro’s Beloved Gaming Chair For $1

The Family Chantel” had a ton of wild moments this week!

Fans saw Chantel back at home with her family, and she’s still adjusting to going from having her own home to being back with her parents and sister.

Her mom Karen and dad Thomas are happy to have her back with them, and if you know anything about her mom, she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about how she felt about her daughter’s past with her ex Pedro.

“I still remember the first time that you moved out with him with a lowercase h. She got the apartment herself. She got his immigration papers herself. She bought his plane ticket herself. She gave him everything — everything. But that’s just what he wanted. Chantel should have listened to my warnings way back then, because mama knows best,” Karen said.

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In the first episode of the season, Chantel met with a realtor about selling her and Pedro’s house – where she came face to face with her ex for the first time in months after they split up.

Now, her family was asking her how she’s feeling about how everything went down at the appointment, and it’s safe to say she wasn’t happy about seeing her ex!

Chantel ended up having a yard sale to get rid of the stuff from her old shared house with Pedro. In their divorce agreement, she was able to keep everything in the house, so you know that means she’s going to be selling some of the stuff Pedro left behind!

Among Pedro’s treasured  items left behind includes his prized gaming chair – which the family Chantel was more than happy to sell and get rid of, and for only $1!

Pedro showed up to their house later one to get his tools, and he noticed that his chair was gone and he wasn’t happy about it.

He’s also upset about the situation around selling their house together. He wanted to sell the house, but per their divorce agreement they’re going to use a third party realtor, and Pedro is hung up on them potentially not making as much money on the sale.

So he called up his ex and confronted her about it, and he couldn’t help but bring up the gaming chair, and he wasn’t happy to hear that she had sold it.

Fans also got a check in with Pedro’s family back in the Dominican Republic. His mom Lidia is currently learning to speak English because she says she wants to find an American partner.

It turns out she already had a potential love in sight – she revealed she’s giving Scott another chance. But she’s being cautious about fully opening up her heart to him after how he left her heartbroken when he ended things due to their language barrier.

On the other hand, Chantel’s mom is doing something entirely different. Viewers caught up with Chantel as she was preparing to change her last name, and Karen was practicing a form of self defense in another room because she feels like her family is “under attack” and she wants to protect them.

“I don’t want people to think I’m violent. But as a mother, I have to protect my baby. By any means necessary! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” she said.

Karen didn’t stop there, she and her husband went to a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Pedro in order to bring Chantel some closure after her messy divorce.

“Pedro, he used our daughter for seven long years. He got money, a green card, access to the entire American economy. But the buck stops here. Nobody messes with our daughter anymore,” Karen said.

“The Family Chantel” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC.

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