‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro & Scott Get Into A Fight, Chantel Has A Blind Date

The Family Chantel” had a physical fight and an ill-fated blind date this week!

Things began with Chantel’s sister Winter doing a photoshoot. While Winter was posing it up, Chantel got distracted thinking about the photo she saw last episode of Pedro and Coraima getting a little too close for comfort.

As for Chantel’s mom Karen? She’s up to her typical hijinks and is going to meet with Alejandro while they’re in New York City. Chantel on the other hand doesn’t want to be involved and is looking forward to the future by going on a blind date.

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

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While Chantel got ready for her blind date, she reflected about how Pedro didn’t take her out on many nights out. And when he did he would apparently always bring his sister Nicole with him

Chantel ended up going on a blind date with a man named Scott to an arcade. While he seemed to think that was a romantic idea for a night out, Chantel wasn’t on the same page.

She said she thinks his style, rocking a low cut shirt and some flashy jewelry, coupled with his love for work, reminds her too much of her ex Pedro. So she simply wasn’t feeling it with Scott!

Chantel met up with her mom and sister after her ill-fated date night, and they dished on what happened or actually what didn’t happen with Alejandro. After he was a no-show for their meetup, Karen’s private investigator left her a message about why he didn’t show.

Apparently, he was in touch with his ex Nicole (Pedro’s sister), and decided he couldn’t meet up with them, which caused Karen to call him a “scammer.”

As for Pedro and his family in the Dominican Republic, his mom Lidia came home after spending the night with Scott, and her kids aren’t thrilled about how things are unfolding.

Pedro and Nicole both agreed they don’t like Scott after how things ended last time. The siblings decided they needed to speak to Scott face-to-face, so they all went out for a family get together, but things took a turn for the worse when Scott’s ex came up.

Scott swears he hasn’t hooked up with his ex, but Pedro and Nicole don’t buy it. Nicole got heated and tried to throw her water at him in a dramatic moment!

Later, Pedro and Nicole confronted their mom about being with Scott. Lidia admitted she did sleep with Scott and that being with him is her business alone. But Pedro seems convinced he can speak on his mom’s behalf.

Nicole had some of her friends spy on Scott at his hotel, and got some incriminating videos of him chatting up other ladies at the pool.

Pedro met up with Scott to ask about what happened, but things quickly got heated and they ended up getting into a physical fight!

“The Family Chantel” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC.

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