Tim McGraw Has Fast Food Cheat Meal After Losing 40 Pounds

Celebrities need cheat days too! Tim McGraw proved he knows the importance of a fast food meal every once in a while when he took to Instagram to show off his grub.

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It’s all about moderation and earning it. #gritandgrace

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“It’s all about moderation and earning it,” the country singer captioned the photo, also adding the hashtag #gritandgrace. For those unfamiliar, Tim is in the middle of a book tour promoting his new health and lifestyle book “Grit and Grace.”

The 52-year-old star, known for his mega country hits, decided to put pen to paper in order to discuss the health changes he had to make after his life on the road took a toll on his body. The singer’s new book discusses “details of the mental and physical routine that got him in the best shape of his life,” according to its synopsis.

Tim recently revealed the reason why he decided to revamp his health and fitness routine. “It wasn’t like I was trying to lose 40 pounds, I was just wanting to get healthy,” he told People. After friends and family began commenting on his drinking—Tim has since admitted he used to have a beer or two before every show to calm his nerves—the country star decided to quit drinking entirely.

“That’s where my workout program came into play,” he said. “It took the place of alcohol and it is really important.” Still, Tim’s book focuses on creating a routine and lifestyle that works for you.

If burgers are included in that routine, we’re definitely on board!

A couple eagle-eyed fans were enthused with Tim’s burger of choice, noting the “Whataburger” bag next to him, asking if the singer chose regular or spicy ketchup to go along with his cheat meal. Maybe we’ll have to read his book to find out!

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