Tina Majorino Explains How She Ended Up Starring In Pink’s ‘F—in’ Perfect’ Music Video

Tina Majorino is a versatile actress who many fans feel captures great range in her performances; a task accomplished again recently through the former child actor’s powerful performance in the music video for pop singer Pink’s current hit song, “F—kin’ Perfect.”

In the emotional video, Tina plays a grown woman who is reflecting back upon a lifetime of experiences being told that she’s not good enough. Access Hollywood caught up recently with the talented actress at a table reading for the “Napoleon Dynamite” animated series (to premiere on FOX in early 2012; Tina starred in the breakthrough 2004 independent cult film), where she explained how she became involved in the project.

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“I’m a huge huge fan of Pink, and it came out of the blue, actually, it came out of nowhere,” Tina explained.

“Her people just called up my manager and said, ‘She has 30 minutes to give us an answer.’ And I just said, ‘Yes, I’ll do it.’ But I just really believe in the message of the song and I think that she’s such a brave woman and that she’s really super talented. And I love that she has the strength to put out messages like that, regardless of what people think. And I think it’s an important subject matter.”

However, Tina says she wishes she had been able to take the performance one step further.

“I was actually really disappointed because I was supposed to shave my head in the video, and I’ve wanted to do that forever. I really want to do a part where I get to shave my head or cut my hair. But I was doing ‘Big Love’ at the same time, so I couldn’t cut my hair… but it [doing the video] was still a blast!”

Longtime Pink music video director Dave Meyers explained recently to the blog PopCrush why Tina was the perfect choice for the video.

“In this particular place, Pink was insightful in picking Tina,” Meyers told the site. “I think the thought process for Pink is that Tina herself embodies the type of character that we had written … Just looking at her credits, like ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ she just has that sort of indie, off-the-mainstream-path angle about her. We both got excited about her and thought Tina would be a perfect fit.”

He added, “You gotta be careful in videos, you don’t always get the best performances or the best actor. So it was really a beautiful novelty to be able to get her and she was a huge Pink fan … And it was just beautiful.”

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