Twins Go Viral For Hilarious Reaction To Hearing Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ For The First Time

There’s nothing like listening to a classic song for the very first time – and 21-year-olds Tim and Fred Williams have become YouTube sensations for just that!

The twin brothers have gone viral for their “First Time Hearing” series, in which they record themselves listening to a hit song from the past with entirely fresh ears. They’ve racked up tens of millions of views for checking out chart-topping songs from Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton and more.

For one of their latest (and most hilarious) viral hits, they turned to Phil Collins’ iconic ’80s track “In The Air Tonight.”

At first, Tim and Fred weren’t entirely sure where the song was going.

“What is this about? What’s this about?” Tim wondered aloud during the long instrumental intro.

But, as soon as Phil began singing, they were in it, bobbing their heads to every beat.

“This is like a WWE entrance. I could see somebody walking down to the ring to this,” Tim said when the chorus came in.

While they were into the groove, the twins were nowhere near prepared for the song’s epic drum fill! When it happened, they gasped in unison – and talked about the jolt of energy they’d received.

“You know what [Phil] said? ‘I feel like y’all are sleeping on this, let’s wake ’em up!,” Tim joked. “I ain’t gonna lie, Phil, go got me on that!”

Fred, meanwhile, gushed that he’d never heard “somebody drop a beat three minutes into a song.”

See more of the twins’ amazing reactions below:

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