Tyra Banks Praises ‘Stunning’ Bebe Rexha For Shutting Down Ageism: ‘She’s The Sexiest’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Talk about timeless! Tyra Banks is sharing her support for Bebe Rexha after the singer was called “too old” to be “sexy” at just 29.

The supermodel shared exclusively with Access Hollywood’s Sibley Scoles her reaction to Bebe’s recent experience with sexist ageism, explaining that she can’t believe a woman so “stunning” would ever be considered past her prime.

“No way. I think she’s the sexiest. Oh my God,” Tyra said. “When you watch her on Instagram, do you see her pictures? I’m like, ‘I want to look like you.’ … That body. Her face! She’s like stunning. … intimidatingly stunning.”

Tyra Banks and Bebe Rexha
Tyra Banks and Bebe Rexha

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Bebe recently took to Insta and recalled an unnamed male music executive saying that her brand is “confusing” because she shares racy social media snaps, something Bebe explained is often frowned upon for female songwriters.

Instead of internalizing the criticism, however, the hitmaker vowed to embrace her upcoming 30th birthday by celebrating her personal and professional growth over the years.

Tyra said the haters could stand to learn a lesson or two from Bebe’s inspiring attitude, and suggested a possible motive behind such hurtful comments.

“When people are saying negative things about age, they have serious age, personal insecurities,” the 45-year-old told Access. “And I actually really feel for that person that is being very ageist and is saying something very negative because when age starts to hit them it is going to be traumatic. And so what they’re doing is they’re throwing that negativity that they feel about their fears about aging onto you.”

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As for what those at the receiving end can do to shake off the negativity like Bebe did, Tyra encouraged facing the situation head on for not only cathartic purposes, but also to gain a deeper understanding.

“I say we’re human beings and so when we hear things it hurts,” she admitted. “But I say acknowledge it and then throw it out. And by throwing it out it’s that meditation. It’s that crying, it’s that calling your friends, calling your mama. And getting that out and moving on and realizing that the person that said that is hurting inside … Whenever anybody is negative about that they are terrified of it.”

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