Will Smith Shares A #TBT Video Of Daughter Willow Conquering Her Ballet Class Fears

Will Smith Shares A #TBT Video Of Daughter Willow Conquering Her Ballet Class Fears

Three days before Father’s Day, Will Smith serving up proof that he’s one incredible dad.

The “Suicide Squad” actor posted a throwback family video to Instagram on Thursday, documenting his then-tween daughter Willow’s nerves ahead of a very important day.

“I found this video of @willowsmith‘s first ballet class,” Will wrote. “She was terrified!! She tried to cancel the night before. She was getting physically sick from fear. She thought that it was going to be painful & that she wouldn’t be good at it.”

In the video, a tiny Willow can be seen putting on her shoes on the floor of an empty ballet studio, getting in some final practice before her very first class.

“Why did we come to Dance Dimensions today, bean?” Will asks his daughter from behind the camera.

“‘Cuz I was freaked out,” Willow admits.

Will then video documented his daughter expertly practicing her moves; but after finishing up, she shared that she was still “scared as heck.”

But the future “Whip My Hair” singer didn’t stay scared for long. Will’s video quickly cut to his daughter beaming post-class, with her teacher commending her flexibility, posture, turnout and “big smile.”

“That was a big one! You conquered your fears!” Will says as they walk through a mall. “How does that feel to have something that was giving you a stomach ache and all of that, and then to go in and attack it and conquer?”

“Feels good!” Willow says.

The youngest Smith then decided to celebrate her accomplishment, cutely asking, “Daddy, since I did it, can I treat me to a book?”

Will agreed, but asked his little girl to first give some advice to her future self. “Anything you want to say to yourself for when you get older? I’mma play this tape back for you,” he said.

“Just do it!” Willow exclaimed.

Will kept to his word, sharing the video to Instagram roughly a decade later. Other celebrity parents were wowed by his dad skills, including new mom Khloe Kardashian. “Such excellent parenting,” the “Good American” entrepreneur commented. Kevin Hart — a father of three — gave props to Will as well, writing, “Unreal … Super dope man. Wooooow.”

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